Pest control / Environmental Service Cleans

The presence of pests in any domestic home is unacceptable and proper preventative and proofing measures are essential.

Our pest control & environmental cleaning department also offer a 24Hr Call-out service for all pest control emergency’s.

Inspection & Treatment Experts

At Orion Building Maintenance we have a trained team of registered pest control experts who can discretely solve one-off infestations and deliver ongoing prevention. When you suffer an infestation of rodents, insects or birds, you need it dealt with swiftly and efficiently. We have a team of specialists that offer deep professional cleans in properties that are unhabitual with bed bugs rats mice Birds, these cleans can be also be carried out during out of hours.

Pest control / Environmental Service Cleans
Pest control - Environmental Service Cleans


Orion Building Maintenance are experts at clearing, deep cleaning and decontaminating. We offer both regular routine cleans, as well as deep cleans and emergency cleans, to decontaminate areas exposed to disease and those that require sanitisation and disinfection. Environmental cleaning services require a highly specialist team who have had thorough training, to ensure the safest and most effective clean. We also deep clean end of tenancies and empty properties.

At Orion Building Maintenance, we have the experience and specialist equipment needed to carry out the most effective environmental cleaning services to keep your environment safe. No matter the size of the clean, our team goes above and beyond every time to ensure that the area is decontaminated, clean and hygienic. We are experts in what we do and help each of our clients to plan their projects and then always deliver them to the highest standard. Available 24/7, our environmental cleaning services can be conducted out of hours, to reduce any disruption to your business