Housing Association Maintenance

An excellent repair’s service can greatly benefit the tenants quality of life and enjoyment of their property. All tenants will use the repairs and maintenance service at some stage of their tenancy, and getting work carried out quickly and effectively is very important.

Orion Building Maintenance aims to provide an efficient and excellent repairs service to keep our properties in good condition, We aim to provide a customer focused approach to our repairs service, involving and listening to our customers at every possible opportunity.

What is Social Housing?

The purpose of social housing is to provide affordable, decent homes to those who need it. There is still a severe shortage of quality affordable properties in the UK, with over one million households on social housing waiting lists. The expanding programme addresses this shortage, giving vulnerable and low-income households access to homes.

Housing Association Maintenance

Social housing works by letting those eligible apply and then secure a tenancy agreement on a property owned by a council, housing association or approved property development partner. Tenants rent their home like a normal tenancy. However, they will pay a monthly rate significantly lower than the going market rate.